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Kolicoin Exchange

Kolicoin is Nigeria's first complete spot trading platform that powers the use of cryptocurrency to pay bills without converting from one crypto to another, supporting user's daily lifestyle.

A safe ecosystem for crypto transaction through its decentralized wallet architecture.

A swift trade engine that is secured, reliable and easy-to-use.


Our Products

Founded in 2020 by a team of Developers, Kolicoin is the premier NIGERIA - based blockchain platform, providing lightning-fast trade execution, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security practices that support your daily lifestyle. Our mission is to help advance the blockchain industry by fostering innovation, incubating new and emerging technology and creating a metamorphic crypto experience.

About Kolicoin Token

It's being long time coming and a hard job, but it is worth it! Kudos to the Kolicoin development team for such revolutionary feet.

Kolicoin Token (KLCN) is Africa’s first spot cryptocurrency project on the Smart Chain Network.

KLCN is Africa’s first native token to be exchanged instantly in its own exchange (Kolicoin Exchange) and converted to Bitcoin, Etherium, Binance Coin, and vice versa, making it suitably pose for a continuous bullish target.

Users of Kolicoin website and Kolicoin App can secure the token, hoard for future rise, exchange it instantly for Bitcoin, settle trading fees, get referral bonuses, buy recharge card, pay utility bills and other forms of settlements.

Key features of Kolicoin Token

Token rise projection

As a native token created by a real team of experienced developers and industry experts, it becomes easy to spot that KLCN has an edge and is already gaining a wide spread adoption. The ability to trade it in the Kolicoin exchange makes it a golden investment.

Instant Exchange

Kolicoin Exchange provides an instant access to buy and sell KLCN, to deposit/withdraw from one digital wallet to another, giving users total control of their assets.

Buy recharge card and pay utility bills from your wallet.

Smart asset

KLCN has a value that is equatable to other crypto and fiat. It is a safe investment as the price is at its base and hoarding a portion of it, in our projection will be synonymous to hoarding a portion of Binance Token few years ago, that has risen over 1000% since its launch.


Kolicoin Exchange makes it easy for you to buy Bitcoin Etherium, KLCN, Litecoin and XRP in 3 seamless steps!

Create your Wallet

Sign up for your free Kolicoin Wallet on the Web or an Android device and navigate to the Menu to set up your profile.

Fund your wallet

Choose from the payment options to add Crypto/Money to your Kolicoin wallet. Take advantage of our advance P2P network. You could do a cross Wallet Deposit.

Buy crypto

Buy KLCN, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or XRP. You can store it in your wallet, transfer it to your associate or deposit into other third party wallet.

Kolicoin Tokens

A realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

Sales Information

Public Sale Starts 2021/07/15 12:00 WAT
Public Sale Ends 2021/09/09 12:00 WAT
Total Token Supply 100,000,000 KLCN
Tokens Allocated for ICO 68,500,000 KLCN
Hard Cap $300,000
Soft Cap $150,000
Token Value $0.008
Accepted ETH,BNB

Token Sales End:

Raised so far $1,978.21
Soft Cap $150,000
Hard Cap $300,000
Register & Buy Token Now Pre-launch Minimum Purchase: 12,500 KLCN ($100) Phase 1 Minimum Purchase: 1,000 KLCN ($8)
200% Bonus
Begins at 2021/07/15
80% Bonus
Begins at 2021/07/22

Kolicoin Token

Blockchain made simple enough to support your daily lifestyle.


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Our Mission is to provide an end-to-end crypto wallet that enables anyone anywhere to control their own money without interference, yet promote the spirit of savings.

App Screen


Cryptocurrencies exists digitally, but you must keep it somewhere - Whether you are anticipating to use it to buy goods or services or to invest it for a long term. Kolicoin provides you with a reliable and secure wallet that can receive and send crypto across endless networks.

Kolicoin wallet is lifestyle innovation that makes it possible to buy recharge card, pay utility bills and other settlements directly from your wallet.

Why Use Kolicoin Wallets?

Transact round the clock

Bitcoin offers an open window to be part of a new and dynamic financial system, making it quite easy to send money to family and friends and to carry out other seamless transaction.

Inflationary hedge

Plan B investment that you make in case another asset you have, like cash, becomes devalued too fast because of inflation or other circumstances.

Expression of financial freedom

It is an alternative way of using money worldwide. It represents the power of technology to rethink the way we look, spend and invest money, offering true freedom.

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

To provide an end-to-end crypto wallet that enables anyone, anywhere to control their own money without interference, yet promote the spirit of savings. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen!

Fourth quarter, 2019 Spot wallet and trading
Third quarter, 2020 Utility bill and airtime purchase integration
Fourth quarter, 2020 Peer-to-peer trading
Third quarter, 2021 KLCN ICO
Fourth quarter, 2021 IOS beta version release and listing in other exchanges
Second quarter, 2021 Android app beta version and creation of Kolicoin token
First quarter, 2022 Release of IOS version and portals for mass adoption
Fourth quarter, 2022 Kolicoin blockchain and third party APIs for crosschain transaction
Second quarter, 2022 KLCN staking and global airtime and utility payment adoption
Fourth quarter, 2023 Integration of Kolicoin wallet with SMEs across Africa for easy payment
Third quarter, 2023 Kolicoin Hardware wallet

Core Team

Ikechukwu Ubakasi NG
CEO & Lead Developer

Ikechukwu Ubakasi NG

CEO & Lead Developer

Blockchain 85%
Decentralization 68%
Igbinosa Gabriel NG
CTO & Blockchain Lead

Igbinosa Gabriel NG

CTO & Blockchain Lead

Muyiwa Oladunjoye USA
Database Administrator

Muyiwa Oladunjoye USA

Database Administrator

Olufemi Ariyo(Engr) NG

Olufemi Ariyo(Engr) NG